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Our Goal


What if you died tomorrow? Would people remember you? Would your family look up to you when you're gone? Will your name be remembered?


The majority of people who die every year are not remembered. Their deaths are mourned for typically a few days (unless it was a family member) but then life goes on. Very few people mark their names in the history books and will be remembered forever.


George Washington, Henry Ford, Charles Schwab and many more thought different than others. Their desire, ambition and most importantly being true to themselves are few of the many reasons those names will be remembered forever.


Our goal is the same. We do not want to be main stream and fill anybody's head with the "hottest headline" or be the first to report a story that isn't 100% true. We focus on facts and give our readers our thoughts on a situation. We hope our thoughts and our readers thoughts will some day catch the attention of the people who are sick of hearing lies and sad stories in the news today.


A quote from our favorite book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill is a great way to live by. -

"Anything the mind can believe and conceive it will achieve"


How will you be remembered?


What are your TrueThoughts?

We want to feature your thoughts on an upcoming article to be discussed with our readers! Please email to provide your thoughts on today's topic or something that's on your mind!